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Anne 2 Pro Mods

My first keybord mode ever

Why the Anne 2 Pro

i want to improve my writing speed and so i bought a 60/100 keybord, i ended up with the Anne2Pro because of build quality and bluethoot compatibility

Basic version

Basic version I choose the black version with Cherry MX Brown and overall looks pretty solid and beautyfull, anyway it’s for sure upgradable


Let’s start by removing keycaps Keyvaps removing

Remove the 5 T5 screw from the board then remove the board and the battery from the old case Board

Case comparison The battery is fixed on the bottom of the case but with just a little pressure comes out Board and battery


For the case i choose a full resin case from kdbfans LINK

New case

Then i made a foam mod with neoprene

Neoprene installation

I also taped the rear of the board

Taped Board

And reinstall the battery in his slot and the board

Board remounted


For the keycaps i choose the GMK hammerhead (DARK BASE COLOUR)

Keycaps I bought also some 0.1 mm oring for make the button pressing more quite and install a oring on every keycaps

Oring on the keycaps

Final result

Tell me what you think on the final look of this modded Anne2Pro and how you would improve it Final result

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